How to Make Cold Brew Coffee

Does anyone else need an extra large helping of caffeine after this long weekend to get back into the swing of things? I’m sharing the good stuff with the Cold Brew recipe Andrew has been brewing for years! Much like we switch from oatmeal to smoothies with the seasons, we also switch up our coffee game. This coffee recipe is one that easily transferred over with our plant-based diet, and is too good not to share!

Instead of brewing coffee with hot water, cold brew coffee is steeped at room temperature for an extended period of time. This process creates a coffee concentrate that is less acidic and smoother than your typical iced coffee. Andrew got the Filtron system a few years ago for Christmas and we have been hooked on this warm weather brew ever since!

Christmas 2015

Cold Brew

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  • 454 grams/1 lb coarsely Ground coffee (french press setting on most grinders)
  • 2 liters/ 2,000 grams filtered water
  • Ice
  • Non-dairy milk

Cold Brew Concentrate Directions

Below are instructions using a Filtron cold brew system, but the ratios can be used when soaking coffee grounds in a french press or other containers.

  • Place the wrung out Filtron filter pad tightly in the bottom of the reservoir, and insert the plug tightly into the bottom of the reservoir
  • Place the coffee filter into the reservoir so that it sits flat on the bottom and evenly around the sides
  • Place the prepped reservoir on your scale and tare the scale
  • Dump 1 lb/ 454 grams of ground coffee into the reservoir
  • Poor 2 liters/ 2,000 grams of cold or room temperature filtered water over the coffee grounds
  • Stir the grounds and water with a wooden, bamboo, or plastic spoon so that the grounds are evenly saturated
  • Place the round filter guard in the top of the reservoir, then place the water bowl on top to keep unwanted contaminants out. The water bowl is normally used to let the water slowly drip into grounds over time, but I prefer the results of evenly soaking the grounds right away
  • Let the coffee grounds soak for 12 – 20 hours. I would start with 16 or 18 hours for a good coffee concentrate but it will take some experimentation to find the soak time that works best for you and your preferred strength

Prepared Cold Brew Directions

  • Fill glass half full with one part cold brew concentrate, two parts cold filtered water
  • Fill glass with ice
  • Top with non-dairy milk or creamer of choice

This recipe is easy to tweak the ratios based on preferred strength. Another option is to sub filtered water in the prepared cold brew steps with non-dairy milk for an Iced Latte style beverage.

We make a batch of this and use it all throughout the week, we have even taken the concentrate on trips and camping to ensure we are fully caffeinated with quality coffee at all times. Hopefully this recipe will be a delicious jumpstart for your mornings like it is for ours! How do you take your coffee in the summer?

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