Calling all my buddies and like minded friends-to-be who have been on the healthy living rollercoaster for what feels like forever. If your ears perk up when you hear the words “health benefits” and you are constantly on the hunt for tips to boost your lifestyle to its full potential, you should find yourself at home here.

I’m Teresa, a girl who gets that chasing a full and vibrant life and figuring out where to start can be overwhelming! Welcome to this space to share my journey of laying down roots in a number of ways. I am currently in the throws of nurturing my family, turning our little house into a home, assisting in growing a new business, and cultivating a new idea of health and what it means to myself and my family.

In June 2017 my husband and I decided to take on a plant based lifestyle for reasons I discuss and continue to explore in my blog. This is a space to share this new adventure whether you can relate personally, or you just enjoy playing with new possibilities.

I am fascinated by people and love the opportunity to connect with individuals from all backgrounds. I love learning someone’s story and what they are about. I find beauty and value in it all.  

My goal is to start a conversation between each other and ourselves.  We might all be surprised to find there are more people like us navigating the same struggles, some who have conquered hurdles we have backed away from. Building this sense of community may make our goals less daunting. I want to challenge myself and others to ask ourselves what matters to us and how we can best embrace it… from the ground, up