Our First Year Vegan with Andrew and Teresa Kline

June marks the one year anniversary of my first year on my plant-based/vegan journey! I wanted to do something special for you guys to celebrate, so today I'm sharing my very first vlog. In more exciting news I have a very special guest who is the nearest and dearest to my heart, and the behind-the-scenes… Continue reading Our First Year Vegan with Andrew and Teresa Kline

How a Plant-Based Diet Impacts Your Health

You may have stumbled upon to this site for a number of different reasons. My hope is you have found my little corner of the web to be a resource for different tips and nuggets that help you believe that living a plant-based lifestyle is possible... despite the pushback you may receive from others, or… Continue reading How a Plant-Based Diet Impacts Your Health

Vegan Guide to Eating Out On-the-Go

Flowers are in bloom, the temperature is rising, and every day I leave my jacket at home and get a little extra Vitamin D, my itch for a vacation grows! Can anyone else relate? Getaways also mean road trips and eating away from home, so it's good to have some solid food options in your… Continue reading Vegan Guide to Eating Out On-the-Go

Shopping Seasonal Produce: Spring

This week we're taking a look at another way to shop smart in the produce section. It can seem a little backwards that processed foods can be cheaper than your fruits and veggies, but knowing what to shop for throughout the year can help you spend those healthy dollars wisely. Not only is it good… Continue reading Shopping Seasonal Produce: Spring

Spring and Easter Sentiments

All holidays are special in their own way, but there is something so bright and hopeful about Easter isn't there? I remember waking up when I was little, so excited to find my Easter basket full of treats... and a brand new toothbrush and tube of toothpaste. - My mom is a dental hygienist so… Continue reading Spring and Easter Sentiments

What You’re Dying to Know… (about yourself) Part 2

Welcome Back! This week we are making sense of that crazy list we brought to light last week. I am realistic. There are 24 hours in a day, I have a full time job, I need sleep, and I have family and a social life.  BUT, before I hit the button on my remote to… Continue reading What You’re Dying to Know… (about yourself) Part 2

What You’re Dying to Know … (about yourself) Part 1

I’ve shared some of my story with you, and I love passing along tips and insight on how to navigate a plant-based lifestyle. This week I want to turn things around a little bit and begin to dig into what’s bringing you here. I find it is easiest to succeed at any new undertaking, whether… Continue reading What You’re Dying to Know … (about yourself) Part 1