Spring and Easter Sentiments

All holidays are special in their own way, but there is something so bright and hopeful about Easter isn’t there? I remember waking up when I was little, so excited to find my Easter basket full of treats… and a brand new toothbrush and tube of toothpaste. – My mom is a dental hygienist so she’s always looking out for our pearly whites. Sugar and oral care went hand in hand in our house!

I was so excited to pick out a dress with the most ruffles and flowers, and to put on my white socks that folded over with a little lace ruffle on the seam. I spent the day giggling with my siblings, eating too many jelly beans, playing with the pastel colored bunnies my grandma hand-made, and on the good sunny years running around outside in our yard.


As I’ve gotten older my siblings have had children, and the little traditions have been passed to another generation. I’ve watched all my nephews and my niece run around in the same lawn I grew up in, on their own egg hunts. I found out my brother and sister-in-law were expecting my nephew, Ezra, during an Easter egg hunt from a hidden message in a golden egg. Another Easter I met and held my nephew, Giovanni, for the first time.

I love Easter’s reminder of the preciousness and value of life. New life of course is particularly sweet, but all lives including our own, are amazing and something to cherish. This year I am doing my best to fully embrace the refreshing feeling of hope and growth the season brings. I am looking forward to entering Spring with a refocused intention to take care of myself and my people… well, and all the people I encounter even if they aren’t necessarily mine.


With all that being said, bringing it back to the mission of the blog, nourishment is always an excellent place to start. As you know by now, whipping up a delicious plant-based treat everyone in my big beautiful family enjoys (and I feel great about sharing) is one of my favorite things. We had an awesome spread of food for the whole family this holiday.

I brought Blissful Basil’s Raw Blueberry Kiwi Tart, that has become kind of a spring tradition, but I didn’t have to tweak a thing for our first plant-based Easter. I made the tart for the first time three years ago while visiting Andrew’s mom for Mothers Day. My family saw pictures, and kept requesting it, so I finally made it the following Easter. This year it was a no-brainer as it now, more than ever, fits in with our way of eating. I love that my family got to enjoy it with my mother-in-law this year bringing the tradition full circle. The ingredients are simple and delicious. I highly recommend this gorgeous crowd-pleaser!

What some of your favorite Easter traditions, and what your fresh-picked intentions are for spring?

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