Plant-Based Friendly Meals to Feed a Crowd

Conversation and laughter over a meal with family and friends is one of the warmest ways to make memories, and is usually one of the simplest. When a large group of my family members started eating plant-based it seemed to take a little bit of the ease out of this tradition at first. The question… Continue reading Plant-Based Friendly Meals to Feed a Crowd

5 Game Changing Health & Fitness Apps

I don't know about you, but I find it remarkably easy to get sucked into my phone and lose track of the world around me. This week I'm keeping the five point life-hack train going by sharing my favorite apps that use those pocket computers for good. These apps flip that screen time around so… Continue reading 5 Game Changing Health & Fitness Apps

5 Plant-Based Tips for Reading Food Labels

Great news, focusing on a plant-based diet means you'll likely be minimizing processed foods, and the majority of what you eat won't have labels! For the remaining packaged products you do purchase, I'm sharing a few quick tips for label scans on your grocery trips. These pointers will aid in selecting minimally processed foods, free… Continue reading 5 Plant-Based Tips for Reading Food Labels

Vegan and Non-Vegan Friendly Chunky Monkey Birthday Cake

This chocolate, peanut butter banana birthday cake is going to blow your mind! The awesome design allows for a cake that incorporates both vegan and non-vegan options for a diverse crowd of eaters. As a disclaimer this is NOT a healthy recipe, and doesn't exactly fall within the realm of a plant based diet. This… Continue reading Vegan and Non-Vegan Friendly Chunky Monkey Birthday Cake

What You’re Dying to Know… (about yourself) Part 2

Welcome Back! This week we are making sense of that crazy list we brought to light last week. I am realistic. There are 24 hours in a day, I have a full time job, I need sleep, and I have family and a social life.  BUT, before I hit the button on my remote to… Continue reading What You’re Dying to Know… (about yourself) Part 2

What You’re Dying to Know … (about yourself) Part 1

I’ve shared some of my story with you, and I love passing along tips and insight on how to navigate a plant-based lifestyle. This week I want to turn things around a little bit and begin to dig into what’s bringing you here. I find it is easiest to succeed at any new undertaking, whether… Continue reading What You’re Dying to Know … (about yourself) Part 1

The Plant Based Recipe Gold Mine

The first thing that popped into my head when I decided to commit to transferring to a plant based diet, and the most common question I get from people who are considering doing the same is "Where do I start?" The day I watched What the Health I texted Andrew while he was at work, and… Continue reading The Plant Based Recipe Gold Mine

Eating for Nourishment… My Food Story

I have never really believed in diets, despite growing up in a house that went through every dietary fad. My parents cut carbs, busted sugar, counted calories, followed meal plans and purged the pantry several times. Growing Up My mom and dad never made my brothers, sister and myself adhere to any diets, and never… Continue reading Eating for Nourishment… My Food Story

From the Ground Up, with Teresa Kline

When I was growing up I loved working in the garden with my dad. My dad is an intelligent and creative man, with many talents and passions. Amidst owning his own architecture business, and the rolling course of life with my mom and their four children, the garden is where he seemed to find his… Continue reading From the Ground Up, with Teresa Kline