5 Game Changing Health & Fitness Apps

I don’t know about you, but I find it remarkably easy to get sucked into my phone and lose track of the world around me. This week I’m keeping the five point life-hack train going by sharing my favorite apps that use those pocket computers for good. These apps flip that screen time around so you’re no longer just scrolling through your phone to zone out, but using these tools to more mindfully engage with your day-to-day.

1. Dr. Greger’s Daily DozenIMG_0675

Cutting out potentially harmful foods is a significant step in taking control of your health and moving in the direction of a plant-based diet. However, knowing what to eat to maintain a balanced diet with all your vital nutrients is equally as important.

DailyDozen is an easy tool to track the foods the author of How Not to Die, recommends for optimal health. Broken out into categories: beans, fruits, vegetables, flaxseeds, nuts, spices, whole grains, beverages, exercise and vitamins, you can track the recommended servings giving you peace of mind that you are well nourished at the end of the day. If you’re a list lover like me, you will find this clarity and opportunity to check off boxes highly satisfying!

2. Nike Training Club

If you like to switch up your workout routine with group exercise classes, or by following different instructors, this app is for you! Nike Training Club has been my go-to workout app for years. Whether you head into your workout intending to target a certain muscle group, or wanting to do a specific type of workout you will find multiple options that lead you through your workout from start to finish.  If you’re at home, in  the gym, with no equipment, or the full deal, this app has you covered to accomplish exactly what you’re looking for.

3. Think Dirty – Shop Clean

If you are concerned about what you are putting IN you body you might also start to wonder about the products you’re putting ON your body. Think Dirty – Shop Clean is one of my newest downloads, and I have fallen in love with this app’s ability to answer my product questions without heading into the google abyss every time, and hunting through the inevitable 20 tabs I have open at a time during my research.

Think Dirty allows you to look up products by either scanning them or typing them into a search. The app rates products from 0-10 on their dirty meter based on potentially harmful ingredients. When you click into the product you can access a breakdown of each ingredient, explaining more about what it is is and its health impacts. The products also show certifiers where available, including Cruelty Free, Vegan , BPA Free and Non GMO.

If that’s not satisfying enough, you can click over to the “Our Picks” tab where you can find similar products to the one you were reviewing with the lowest ratings, and easily click to where you can purchase the item.

4. Yoga Studio: Mind & BodyIMG_0673

I have found yoga is an important practice to take care of my body and allow for some quality time with myself for reflection. If you are a long time yogi yourself, or have gone through any training, you might not find much need for this app, but I still need some guidance when it comes to my practice. I love this option for a solo flow when I can’t get to a class. Yoga Studio offers classes of varying levels, with different focuses, and even offers guided meditations, making a little daily self love easily accessible.

5. Activity

An activity app of any kind is extremely beneficial when it comes to physical accountability. My husband works for Apple so I am, by default and without complaint, fully an Apple consumer with the iPhone and the Apple watch, so the Activity app has been the natural tracker for me. However, no matter what technology you have, using fitbit, Moves, or the Lifelog apps are a great way to have full visibility into how you are moving your body regularly and how well you are taking care of yourself.

What are YOUR health and fitness favorites that I need to download next?

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